World’s Top Trade Show for Floor Coverings to debut in Atlanta from February 28-March 2nd, 2019

DOMOTEX has been supporting the carpet and floor covering industry for almost 30 years with trade shows in Germany, China, Turkey and now the launch of DOMOTEX USA.DOMOTEX USA will focus on the American supply chain, providing a platform for flooring manufacturers to meet with buyers, and for professionals to address major issues facing the industry.
We at Modern Woodwork have covered Domotex Asia Chinafloor in Shanghai, China in March 20-22, 2018. We had a valuable opportunity to interview Noel Hoekstra, DOMOTEX Sales Director, Deutsche Messe, Hannover Fairs USA, during the Show.
Readers in India should find the information given by her about the very first DOMOTEX Fair in USA, to be held in 28th Feb – 02nd March 2019 at Atlanta, USA on THE WOOD PORTAL & in following exclusive interview.


Exclusive interview:
Shanti Mansabdar – Editor – Modern Woodwork, Noel Hoekstra – DOMOTEX Sales Director, Deutsche Messe, Hannover Fairs USA


Q. By Shanti Mansabdar, Editor, Modern Woodwork: Welcome Ms. Noel for this Domotex edition in China. It was just recently announced that you are going to launch new edition of Domotex in USA. It seems that first edition will be coming in 2019. Will you please explain more about this first edition of Domotex USA?
Answer by Noel Hoekstra, DOMOTEX Sales Director: Yes, we are very proud to announce the first edition of Domotex USA, which will taking place Feb 28th – March 02, 2019, in World Congress Center, Atlanta. We expect to attract a lot of world manufacturers as exhibitors and expect to bring in audiences from North America including Canada & Mexico as visitors.


Modern Woodwork: We feel the USA is a big market for flooring for manufacturers from China, India or Indonesia. We guess you will be looking for a lot of participants from all these countries.
Noel Hoekstra: Yes, Atlanta & the State of Georgia are home to many of the US manufacturing companies, but we will also bring similar companies from around the world including Germany, Turkey, China & other countries.


Modern Woodwork: Will the Domotex USA show invite people mostly from North America as visitors or will buyers from South America also be visiting?
Noel Hoekstra: Primarily people will be visiting from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and to some extent from South America.


Modern Woodwork: We feel the choice of Atlanta is very appropriate as Atlanta has very nice facilities available and it is centrally located for the flooring business.
Noel Hoekstra: Exactly, that was one reason we chose Atlanta; many of the US market buyers are located on the east coast and in the central part of USA. All the major builders and buyers, plus housing manufacturers are coming from the southeastern area of USA. Atlanta is easily reached by everyone; 75% of US population can reach Atlanta in 2 hours.


Modern Woodwork: Wish you all the best for Domotex USA and we hope that the fair will turn out as big as Domotex Hannover or Domotex Asia Chinafloor.