Vauth-Sagel, systems components manufacturer to the furniture and kitchen furniture industry had unveiled the VSA larder cabinet drawer for modern kitchen designs. This innovative fittings variant for tall cabinets with a load-bearing capacity of up to 75 kg automatically extends the contents in front of the edge of the cabinet when opening the cabinet door. To this end, the stored contents can be placed on up to five position-adjustable levels.


Equipped in our example with the Premea Artline basket variant with chrome-plated rail, a high-end wooden shelf and a front element made from either clear glass, the VSA simply radiates superlative quality. This product innovation is designed for highboard and tall cabinet carcasses and comes in all standard widths and heights.


The tall cabinet drawer is a highly-coveted classic among kitchen cabinets. An essential part of any modern kitchen, this fitting system fulfils all the requirements of a comfortable storage space solution and is continually further developed from generation to generation. Securely guided by the frame and roller guides, the stored items on the integrated shelves glide out of the cabinet. To date, no other storage space solution has offered such a comfortable and generous overview of stored items. Comfort and movement quality – these are the key characteristics of the new VSA and the installed guide system.