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Stress Free Management of your Furniture Factory

The Mantra for perfect planning : The 3 Ps –


While I was reading an article in TOI, I came across the lines from author and life coach Satish Rao saying “People in India only approach experts for help once the tail is on fire, ie., when stress related disorders starts […]

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Manufacturing Process Audit for Furniture factories?

We observe that most of the furniture factories do undertake the financial audit in order to check their financial situation and to review the performance of the company. This helps them in planning for their future actions and projections. It is also noticed that this helps the company a lot […]

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EXPERT ADVICE for – Every day Problems on factory floor

It has been observed that most of the furniture factories in India/ Gulf face the similar problems every day. These are – wrong work done, Profiling defects, faulty colour matching, mismatched sizes, delayed deliveries etc to name a few. A Lot of energy is wasted in this unproductive work that […]

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Manufacturing of Modular Furniture on Industrial Scale

A Guide for Furniture Manufacturer

When it comes to produce modular furniture for a large size project then the main worry is the quality and the productivity. Most of the modular furnituremanufacturers are making Modular furniture with the help of basic machinery orwith  entry-level machines. For making the furniture on larger […]