The First ‘Desert-Based Factory’ Producing 100% Environmental-Friendly Wood Panels plans to unveil game-changing products at Dubai WoodShow that takes place at DWTC from March 12-14, 2018


Steel Wood Industries’ manufacturing plant and innovative product range is in line with UAE Government’s Green Economy Vision and Six-Track Strategy

Steel Wood Industries introduces a new revolutionary wood green product with economical green building points (SDB, Steel Wood Density Board)

Steel Wood Industries saves a net of over 65,000 metric tonnes of carbon emission per year with its green and multi-sector sustainable factory

Dubai WoodShow to take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from March 12 to 14, 2018


Steel Wood Industries, a Dubai-based manufacturer of environment-friendly and sustainable wood products, has announced a game-changing revolutionary product – Steel Wood Density Board (SDB) – that is set to change the wooden furniture and associated industries in the region.


Established in the UAE in 2012, Steel Wood Industries is the only wood board production facility in the GCC and the first in the Middle East with a sophisticated environmental – friendly production facility that sources all its feedstock from recycled wooden products in the UAE, without cutting a single tree.


With 60 employees, Steel Wood Industries produces 40,000 cubic metres of SDB per annum or 30,000 tonnes of wood per year.


SDB is a highly engineered 100 per cent recycled wooden board having the premium quality features – attained by a constant density gradient, revolutionary internal bonds, modulus of elasticity and modulus of rapture and compressed core creation process ensuing to a flawless uniformity – enabling a balanced panel with a premium face, an edge screw holding capacity and very low emissions aligned with low VOC contents.


Meanwhile, Steel Wood Industries has also announced that it will showcase its latest innovations at the Dubai WoodShow – the largest exhibition of wood and wood-based products in the Middle East – to be held from March 12-14, 2018. This formidable collaboration between an Dubai WoodShow and a distinctive-modelled manufacturer will establish a building block for new green and sustainable products that will help the country’s Green Economy movement.


Ghassan Farouk Afiouni, Managing Partner and Innovative Director of Steel Wood Industries, said, “Evolving from the heart of the GCC, Steel Wood Industries is determined to be regional partners with property developers for a variety of sustainable green products including the innovative SDB.


“A true green and sustainable industry, Steel Wood Industries business is in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of UAE and Ruler of Dubai – who remains our true inspiration.


“We have set up the industry for a sustainable future for all that will help reduce carbon footprints. The recycled wooden products at Steel Wood Industries help us to reduce a net of over 65,000 metric tonnes of negative carbon footprints per year – which is equivalent to 101,560 airline flights round trip (A 2,000 mile round trip produces 0.64 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide as per medium flight range) or 140 aircraft operation at double round trips on medium flight range on normal schedule per year.


“This opens doors for Steel Wood Industries to tactically partner with major airlines locally and/or worldwide as a strategic environmental partner; being a ‘One Entity’ with high cumulative negative carbon footprint for offsetting.”
In addition, Steel Wood Industries hopes to convert the UAE as one of the major key player in the composite-panel industry to cover UAE local demand and international market.  With the high-end technology developed at Steel Wood Industries, the UAE and the GCC can manufacture panels while curing the globe; something that was unthinkable a few years ago. That’s why, they called it – The Miracle of the Desert.


Due to its smooth surface, SDBs are suitable for different coatings – veneering, laminating, painting, bevelling and varnishing. SDB is available in a variety of thicknesses, a sanded and un-sanded surface to one or both sides.
“Steel Wood Industries is continuously receiving proposals for franchising or partnership for expanding the factory in different countries – including China, Brazil, Kuwait, and Romania etc.,” Ghassan Afiouni says. “All contacts wanted to adopt the sustainable model producing revolutionary products with outstanding physical and mechanical properties while curing the environment.”


Dubai WoodShow, since its inception in 2006, remains the only dedicated trade show in the Middle East for the wood and woodworking machinery industry. It is a convergence point for manufacturers, traders, suppliers, machinery companies and end-users in the wood industry chain. Steel Wood Industries’ Strategic Partnership will help the wood, furniture and joinery industries to encourage local manufactured products.


Welcoming Steel Wood Industries as a Strategic Partner, Dawood Al Shezawi, CEO, Strategic Marketing and Exhibitions, organiser of the Dubai WoodShow says. “As a home-grown UAE industry, Steel Wood Industries remains ahead of the game with its innovative products that deserves to be recognised and accepted by the construction, furniture, wood and joinery industries.


“Steel Wood Industries has a strong national vision that is aligned with the vision of our country to transform it into a green and sustainable economy.”
The vast range of products showcased at the Dubai WoodShow include wood products, woodworking machinery, blades and knives, tools, abrasives, industry solutions, and much more. The show, being highly specialised, provides the perfect opportunity for the regional and international companies to showcase and learn about wood and woodworking and to build new strategic relationships with buyers, traders and investors.


Research shows that 70 per cent of the timber and wood products are used in construction industry while the rest are used in real estate, interiors, furniture and other industrial applications.
The statistics reflect a growing demand for wood products in the region, primarily driven by the overall economic growth as well as the growth in the region’s large construction sector.