Ligna 2017 has been a brilliant event for RAYT Adhesives, with more international visitors and optimism than the latest editions.  The RAYT team has taken care of hundreds of interesting contacts, including half of the international distributors of the firm, and has presented its adhesives systems solutions for the furniture and the woodworking.


As a technical novelty, a new line of NOVOPUR HMR adhesives, Reactive Polyurethane Hot-Melt, has been presented for the gluing of edges, the wrapping of moldings / profiles and the lamination of surfaces. These systems react with moisture once applied, and thanks to chemical curing they achieve excellent temperature, moisture and traction resistance, with a very small amount of glue.


This range is complemented by new Polyolefin Hot-Melt adhesives, which for the last few years have been established as an intermediate solution between traditional hot melt adhesives and reactive ones, offering good temperature resistance that is necessary for manufacturers who export their production.


Continuing with the hot melt adhesives, being one of the few independent manufacturers with a long experience in the packaging sector has allowed RAYT to present a range of state-of-the-art metallocene adhesives for carton and package closures. These adhesives are specially designed for the packaging of Ready-to-sell furniture for distribution, which in recent years have been a trend as has been seen in this edition of the LIGNA.


As minor news, new cartridges suitable for the Holz Her machines and a range of machine cleaners have complemented the presentation at this fair.


The industry LABORATORIOS RAYT was founded in 1955 by Mr. Joaquín Clarós Ventura.Currently, RAYT remains a family company managed by the heirs of the founder. RAYT is heading an industrial group with 3 production plants, all located near the city of Barcelona, where the glues, adhesives and other chemicals of the company are produced for Industrial customers, many professional sectors, and domestic users, through wholesale and retail channels of distribution. It has its own R & D and a high technical and production capability, allowing it to compete at international level.