One of the biggest attractions at the Weinig Group trade fair stand is the unveiling of the new Powermat. This high-performance moulder will be demonstrated live, presented as a “disguised prototype”. The new Powermat has many updated features, giving it an even greater technological edge.


Innovation leader with numerous stand-out features
One of the hallmarks of the new Powermat Is the many improvements to machine adjustment. As with the Powermat 700 and the Powermat 1500, here too, the Comfort Set operating concept has inconsistently applied: Manual adjustments that require no tools, as well as CNC-controlled elements ensure a quick, easy, and safe set-up process.


New outboard bearing technology
In addition, the spindle technology also boasts new features: The handling of the new hydro outboard bearing has been greatly simplified. It has even been possible to significantly simplify the set-up process itself. This is achieved through the user-friendly HydroLock principle. In addition, the hydro outboard bearing is equipped with an automatic clamp so that radial adjustment of the spindle is possible with the hood closed.


New jointing system
With the new Powermat, there is no longer any differentiation between the straight jointer for PowerLock tools and that for hydro tools. Instead, it is now possible to use the same straight jointer up to a tool diameter of 180 mm. Furthermore, in future, the straight jointers (like the profile jointers) will run along with all of the spindles and will follow the spindle in the case of a radial adjustment. Removing the need for manual repositioning makes the operator’s work much easier. In addition, the profile jointers are now automatically clamped and operated from the front of the machine.


Automatic adjustment with closed hood
The equation “time = money” applies to more than just industrial machines. The ability to make time-saving adjustments in other areas, for example the ability to make adjustments with the hood closed (and thus with the machine running) is equally useful. In addition, this type of solution also makes operating the machine safer for the user. The new Powermat offers several features that allow dimension adjustments while the machine is running.
Thanks to these new design features, the Powermat creates enormous added value in terms of ease of operation, operator safety, set-up time reduction and, ultimately, the quality of the final product.


The huge potential of this machine will be demonstrated live at LIGNA, with the machine integrated into new infeed and outfeed mechanization, at a feed speed of up to 100 m/min. It will be used to produce tongue and groove boards, MDF strips, and a clapboard with a rough surface. The new Powermat will be available on the market at the end of the year.