The Parador Eco Balance engineered wood flooring production facility in Gussing, the site of the European Centre for Renewable Energy (EEE), uses 100% green electricity from hydro power –CO2-neutral and efficient. They use domestic timber generated by Sustainable forestry. Top layer, middle layer and balancing veneer are made of 100% wood. Parador Eco Balance have using the latest technology have reduced the thickness of the layer of precious wood used.In this way, they achieve the same performance and product quality whilst using less raw materials. All products in the Eco Balance range are packaged in recycled paper and film, which if fed back into the recycling system.lEco Balance products are low on emissions and provide a pleasant indoor climate for the whole family. Wood, particularly Eco Balance with a natural oil finish, helps to regulate moisture indoors.


Eco Balance products are all certified by the PEFC TM, the guarantee of a monitored processing chain and the reforestation of the woods affected – independently monitored, seamlessly traceable and sustainable.


Environmental product declarations (EPD) form the basis for the ecological building evaluation. The declarations are based in ISO standards, are therefore internationally coordinated and suitable as evidence for environmental requirements in public procurement. All Parador engineered wood floors are covered by a Type III declaration (ISO14025) and provide information about the products environmental performance.


Engineered wood flooring has outstanding values in terms of primary energy demand and greenhouse potential.