Bauhaus –Glaze Origin : Bauhaus is an antique lifestyle that brought from those immigrants in European countries during the late Renaissance. It is a nostalgic emotional attachment to European royalty civilians variation. With the rise of the emerging bourgeoisie in the America, they are not completely reborn, but the trade-offs of the European classical culture. This reflects in the furniture for a long time. In recent years, slowly begins to reflect on the wooden floor, and makes a more perfect combination with the American furniture which presents a more complete American antique style. Honed over the years to create trace, revealing the true nature of wood, cater to people of nostalgia, desire and longing heart of nature.


Bauhaus – Glaze Features: Suitable for hand wipe, mass-produced machine connectivity, to make a high level of brightness and darkness contrast, the whole color would be soft, natural, strong hierarchy, and retro nostalgia. The color system has a good sense of color saturation and degrees. Leading the trends of wood color style.