Green Floormax comes with a warm wooden finish that extends an inviting look to your home. The natural wood design of the floor effortlessly creates an exotic, yet comfy air.


What’s more, the specially engineered surface protection technology of Green Floormax makes it super sturdy, durable and resistant to scratches, stains and water spills. In other words, no more fretting over child and pet messes.Installing Green Floormax is a breeze too! You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily the whole floor is laid out. The great thing is that you can move an entire floor from one room to another in no time, whenever you fancy a change in lock.


Still on the fence? Here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why you should switch to Green Floormax flooring.
Greenply is a licensee of flooring industries, Luxembourg and the first and only Indian manufacturer with a licensed interlocking system. All Green Floormax products comply with worldwide intellectual property and patent statutory requirements.


Green Floormax flooring comes with MAX SHIELD – A unique scratch resistant protection technology that shields against wear and tear.


Green Floormax is engineered with SONIC SPONGE -An advanced technology that allows the sound absorbent backing layer to reduce sound transmission and produce only a solid and pleasant sound underfoot.