An increasing number of panel producers as well as furniture manufacturers and demanding interior contractors are switching to the KLEIBERIT HotCoating® Technology.   On the one hand especially for finishing melamine surfaces, on the other hand also in combination with digital printing technology.  The unsurpassable adhesion of HotCoating to melamine surfaces is the precondition for utilizing the complete variety of designs and the price advantage of melamine coated panels and to finish these panels with an excellent surface in terms of high gloss, depth effect and scratch resistance.


Especially in the design of such furniture and building components, there is often a requirement for a seamless and consistent design between the surface and the edge.  HotCoating Design Edge now offers the possibility to extend the highest quality HotCoating high gloss surface seamlessly to the edge of the substrate.  HotCoating’s excellent flexibility enables these finished melamine surfaces to be formed in the direct postforming process.


In combination with digital printing, it is also possible for a completely unique design to flow “from the surface to the edge”.  Without any glue line or change in gloss level.


The HotCoating High Gloss process features the properties like Reliable adhesion to melamine,  Excellent mirror and depth effect with a comparably low layer thickness,  Extremely tough elastic and highly flexible property of the HotCoating layer  and Best micro-scratch resistance (steel wool type 0) with extremely good shock resistance.