Model # -Semi-Auto Curvilinear Edge Bander 

The most efficient entry-level edge-bander, the panel industry can get in this category. Do all your basic edge-banding work on it with Euro standard features like optimal and consistent glue-spreading, heat bonding and pneumatic edge-cutting.


j-2000-in-manualSalient Features:
•   Pneumatic cutting device for pre-defined length, with
foot switch.
•   Electronic digital millimeter counter to adjust the length.
•   Double glue rollers in gluing device.
•   Easy regulation for two speed.
•   Revolving edge coil holder plate 525 mm Ø Electronic digital temp.  controller with safety circuit, which allows to start the motor only when the hot glue has reached the set temperature.
•   Working M.S. table with specially designed hylum strips for heat  insulation & frictionless movement of workpiece.


Model # Semi-Auto Curvilinear Edge Bander

j-3000-inThis is an extremely flexible machine for application of PVC/ABS or Veneer on straight or shaped panels. The thickness of banding material can be from 0.5mm to 3mm and the machine is designed to accommodate a panel of 10-60 mm in thickness. The Edge Banding is a semi-automatic machine, wherein the pre-defined length of PVC/ABS to be glued to the laminate can be set for repetitive workpiece and the digital temp. controller and the speed regulator maintains the gluing temperature and feed rate of tap respectively to have an effective banding of PVC/ABS to the workpiece.


The machine has a specially designed hylum surface working table for heat insulation and side roller support at both ends, which helps in easy movement and feeding of workpiece on the table. The machine guarantees perfect gluing at all times and is versatile and suitable to be used by small and large manufacturers.


j-3000-2Salient Features:
Pneumatic cutter on the work table:
The pneumatic cutting device can be set to actuate the pneumatic cutter to cut the band for a pre-defined length using an electronic counter.


Efficient bonding system:
The glue in the glue pot, glue leveler, wiper, the extrusion screw and the heating element all make a bonding system.

j-3000-4 j-3000-3


Work piece moving on a tiltable aided by Swivel bar:
A specially designed hylum surface working table can be tilted from 0 to 45° and has a unique “Swivel Bar Roller system” for guiding and supporting the work piece.

•   Electronic digital millimeter counter to adjust the length.
•   Electronic digital temperature controller with safety circuit, which allows starting the drive motor only when the  hot glue has reached the set temperature.
•   Revolving edge coil holder plate 525 mm Ø
•   Double glue rollers in gluing device.
•   Easy regulation of variable speed.



Model # (Auto)- Edge Bander (Radius Trim) 

j-4300rSalient Features:
•   Technological easy edge banding solution for entry level work.
•    Work piece infeed by special belt for smooth feeding.  Belt made of special material, which guarantees  long-lasting sturdiness & stability. A synchronous tooth of belt & pinion gives high traction & vibration free movement   with optimal panel holding.
•    Automatic edge loading system for rolled edges with pneumatic shear for the coil cut.
•    Pneumatically operated End cutting unit has solid cutter to guarantee a clean, precision cut on the front and rear edges of the panel.
•    Compact and powerful high frequency motors guarantees best finish on top and bottom edges. Unit has copiers which are bearing mounted to ensure smooth panel feed. Very easy precision adjustment of trimming cutters by position indicators.
•    Easy accessible control panel positioned at machine infeed, for easy & quick operations.
•   Front telescopic support with roller conveyor for bigger work piece.
•   Easy adjustment of trimming & buffing unit.
•   Radius Trim,For Chamfering of the Panel Corner,manually.
•   Low maintenance m/c, easy available cost effective spares, best service support.



Model # (Auto)- Edge Bander 

j-4500-main-machine-jpgSalient Features:
•   Sturdy built heavy-duty machine for entry level mass production work.
•   Robust feed chain & conveyor system with German gearbox (with long life synthetics lubricant) for effective pressure on panels.
•   High performance machine with feeding speed 14 m/ min gives more production.
•   No setting required to change thin to thick PVC edge band.
•    High frequency compact motors sliding on prismatic guide ways for perfect finishing with trouble free performance.
•    Easy accessible user friendly control panel positioned at machine infeed for  quick operations.
•    All electronic & pneumatic parts are from well known international brands.
•    Very easy to operate & nominal setting required during operation.
•    Low maintenance m/c,easy available cost effective spares, best service support.

Gluing, Banding & Edge Cutting:
Innovative pre-melting sensor operated glue tank having  glue drop system to automatically maintain require glue level in tank, so glue spreading roller provides precise & consistent glue application without glue overheating to avoid wastage of glue, which result into less than 50% consumption of glue, compare to other Edge banders.
Perfect adhesion to the applied edge with 2 pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders & gas spring. Heavy duty knife with pneumatic pressure cuts the edge  banding materials up to 50mm height & 3mm thickness.

End Cutting & Edge Fine Trimming:
Compact and powerful high frequency two independent motors guarantees best finish on edge, sliding on two prismatic guide ways with recirculation ball bearings. Trimmer 2R cutter for PVC/ABS gives perfect rounding on edge of straight panel.


Model # – Double Head Multi Boring

j-2102-inThis machine is useful for vertical and horizontal drilling to the surface or edge of the work piece. A pneumatic cylinder achieves lifting of drilling unit with 21 spindles. Models are available in single head / double head / triple head. Mainly suitable for making knock down furniture & most preferred machinery for the modular furniture industry.


For vertical boring application, both heads work parallel vertically


Horizontal & vertical Boring










Model # J-1510 (A) – Rebato’Mould – Auto

1510-a-newSpecial design machine for Rebating & Moulding in single operation for door frame. Machine with in-feed & out-feed side supports.


Increase of Profit by reuse of wood


Auto feeding for mass production with better accuracy & safety


Model # J-1504 (ST) – HDHQ Spindle Moulder with Sliding Table 

mg_8925Heavy Duty High Quality specially design machine for mass production of solid wood doors & windows frame. Up to 10hp 3 ph capacity motor can be fitted (optional) for heavy work