j-320mbModel # J-320MB – Beam Saw with Air Floating Tables (Semi-Auto) *New


“Higher production out-put with excellent cutting of multiple panels, made easy and cost effective”


Salient Features:

  • An advanced saw carriage with high feed rate driven by rack / pinion and guided on hard guide rods that ensures high cutting accuracy
  • Easy accessible PLC system control panel
  • A uniform holding pneumatic clamping beam for ensuring synchronized cylinder actuation at both ends
  • Equipped with infeed 3 no’s air floating tables for smooth feeding of work piece
  • Variable feed speed gives superior finish for different applications




Model # J-1325VT (L-ATC) – CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer *New


“A higher quality CNC model, that allows you greater workability with affordable install and operating cost”


Salient Features:

  • Heavy steel structure makes machine more stable
  • Advance gantry with high feed rate driven by strong helical rack / pinion and wide precise linear rails that ensures high precision cutting accuracy
  • Linear type auto tool changer reducing the unproductive time.
  • Heavy ball screw with high accuracy.
  • Japan Yaskawa servo motors give high speed and great efficiency.
  • High quality and accurate Syntec system from Taiwan.
  • A convenient, separate control panel box allows flexibility and efficiency in machine operating.
  • Auto lubrication makes maintenance mush easier.
  • Precision vacuum table with additional vacuum pads for special through cutting.



j-3000Model # J-3000.in – Semi-Auto Curvilinear Edge Bander – *Up Graded


This is an extremely flexible machine for application of PVC/ABS or Veneer on straight or shaped panels. The thickness of banding material can be from 0.5mm to 3mm and the machine is designed to accommodate a panel of 10-60 mm in thickness. The Edge Banding is a semi-automatic machine, wherein the pre-defined length of PVC/ABS to be glued to the laminate can be set for repetitive workpiece and the digital temp. controller and the speed regulator maintains the gluing temperature and feed rate of tap respectively to have an effective banding of PVC/ABS to the workpiece.


The machine has a specially designed hylum surface working table for heat insulation and side roller support at both ends, which helps in easy movement and feeding of workpiece on the table. The machine guarantees perfect gluing at all times and is versatile and suitable to be used by small and large manufacturers.


Salient Features:

  • Pneumatic cutter on the work table:
    The pneumatic cutting device can be set to actuate the pneumatic cutter to cut the band for a pre-defined length using an electronic counter.
  • Efficient bonding system:
    The glue in the glue pot, glue leveler, wiper, the extrusion screw and the heating element all make a bonding system.
  • Work piece moving on a tiltable aided by Swivel bar:
    A specially designed hylum surface working table can be tilted from 0 to 45° and has a unique “Swivel Bar Roller system” for guiding and supporting the work piece.
  • Electronic digital millimetre counter to adjust the length.
  • Electronic digital temperature controller with safety circuit, which allows starting the drive motor only when the hot glue has reached the set temperature
  • Revolving edge coil holder plate 525 mm Ø
  • Double glue rollers in gluing device
  • Easy regulation of variable speed



j-2102Model # J-2102.in – (Semi-Auto) Double Head Multi Boring Machine *Up Graded


“This machine is useful for horizontal & vertical drilling to the surface or edge of the work piece. Most preferred machinery for the modular furniture industry”


Salient Features:

  • Quick change spindles chucks
  • Strengthened frame to hold boring heads
  • One head assembly tiltable from 0-90 degree
  • Anti-sliding working table
  • Adequate and effective pneumatic clamps
  • Turret wheel to regulate drilling depth
  • Drill feed can be controlled
  • Elegantly designed, electro pneumatic control panel
  • Foot switch for convenient operation of the m/c


Note: Models are available in single head & triple head also



j-4700Model # J-4700.in – (Auto) Edge Bander *Up Graded


  • Pre -Milling (For J-4700P.in): An optimal unit for panel edge pre-milling with two high frequency compact motors. Individual pneumatic cylinder for perfect prepares the panel for gluing. Smoothes the panel for achieving perfect joint line of the edge.
  • The Feed Track: Robust feed chain & conveyor system with German gearbox gives straight movement & effective pressure on small / big panels.
  • Edge Scraping & Anti Adhesion Liquid:
    Gives the best finishing touch to the PVC/ABS edges, leaving no trimming marks on the panel.  Unit complete with rotating copiers. In order to prevent glue to adhere on panel, this liquid is sprayed to lower & upper edge surface of the panel.
  • Sturdy built heavy-duty machine to suit Indian working condition for precise application of edge banding material.
  • Innovative pre-melting sensor operated glue tank having glue drop system that consumes less than 50% glue, compare to other Edge banders, which results to increase in profits.
  • Three edge banding pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders gives adequate pressure on edge for effective banding.
  • All electronic & pneumatic parts are from well known international brands Schneider & Janatics
  • Easy accessible, user friendly control panel positioned at machine infeed for quick operations.



j-2400Model # J-2400.in – Post Form (Auto) *Up Graded


Post forming machine purpose is curving the laminate on the edges, with the profiles shape. Thanks to the special pneumatic gauge operated by two cylinders for repetitive jobs setting, it helps for best result. Other models are available as per your requirement of mass production.


Automatic, speedier, easier yet excellent and error-free laminating of the profiled panels


Salient Features:

  • 8 pneumatic cylinders to apply uniform pressure on work piece through forming rail for effective bonding of laminate.
  • Ground and hard chrome plated heater bar for smooth operation and long life.
  • Backstops facility provided to support long and odd shape jobs.
  • Possibility to laminate more than one small board at a time.
  • Facilities for dry runs and manual runs provided for settings and trials.
  • Automatic post-forming cycle with variable heating time, stop and go time & holding time, can be adjusted to profile.
  • Driver motor with brake is provided to avoid slippage of rotary motion of the heater frame.
  • Mechanical drive control by limit switch.


PLC based control panel as standard feature: With a capacity of 20 programmes.


Spl. Pneumatic gauge: Operated by 2 cylinders for repetitive jobs’ setting.


Pressure Clamp:  Having rubber pad, for better grip on workpiece to avoid damage.



j-1200Model # J-1200.in – Roller Press (Auto) *Up Graded


It is used to cover laminates, papers, acrylics, veneers, PVC foil on the materials such as MDF, particle board/plywood


Salient Features:

  • Hard rubber rollers and four heater elements,that ensures perfect fix of laminates on board
  • Easy accessible mobile control panel at machine in-feed provides convenient operation of the machine for controls & display
  • Motorized up/down movement for thickness adjustment.
  • Provision of hand wheel for manual setting of workpiece thickness
  • No waiting period like other press, no limit to the work piece length, easy to use
  • Consumes less energy as compared to other press
  • Adjusting roller speed and temperature is necessary for best results
  • With its in-feed and out-feed wide conveyors, it becomes a continuous production system suitable for mass production



j-1634-2Model # J-1634 HDHQ – Circular saw (with sliding table) *New


Heavy duty high quality specially designed machine for cutting mass production of boards.


Salient Features:

  • The sturdy frame provides a rigid support for all cutting operation.
  • Precise heavy duty & wide sliding table for smooth operation.
  • Anodized aluminium ripfence with sliding system on heavy round bar for parallel cutting. Fine setting allows for precise measurements for parallel cutting.
  • Heavy-duty cast- iron trunnion gives tilting arbour precise 45°angular cutting.
  • Specially designed machine for precise cutting 8’x 4’ boards of plywood industries.



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