Model # Plus – Panel Saw (manual) 


In order to cut the panel board to your require measurement of the product from 8×4 ft or 9×6 ft sheet. Panel saws are suitable to cut chip free all kind of laminated chipboard and MDF, HDF & panels. Panel saw of maximum strength & rigidity with value added features.

Heavy Duty Precision sliding table with linear bearing developed with advanced technology with multi-chamber system for maximum rigidity of the double roller carriage.

* 5 Years warranty on sliding table.


Salient Features:

  • Sturdily built heavy duty m/c that suit Indian working condition for precise cut with burr free cutting
  • Lifting and tilting of saw unit by hand wheels both on front side for more convenience
  • Scoring Saw precision lever mechanism for manual adjustment controls of the scoring saw with memory reference stop
  • Electronic digital readout of saw unit tilt
  • Anodized aluminum rip fence with sliding system on heavy round bar for parallel cutting up to 1250mm.Fine setting mechanism allows for precise measurements for parallel cuts.
  • Easy & fast, saw-scoring blades changing. Also entire saw unit on heavy duty cast-iron trunnion.
  • Saw unit vertical movement on precise round guides ensures smooth operation. Its closed structure guarantees high rigidity & a vibration free unit.
  • Scoring pin with memory reference stop for rapid re-position of the saw to a previous setting
  • Extra second support for large sheet
  • Rip fence with fine setting for precise positioning

Model # Semi-Auto Curvilinear Edge Bander 

j-2000-in-manualEdge banders are mainly required for producing straight panels & these advanced –tech heavy duty machines suit the Indian working condition. It gives precise application of linear or straight edge banding and round cornering for materials like veneer, melamine, PVC or ABS
The most efficient entry-level edge-bander, the panel industry can get in this category. Do all your basic edge-banding work on it with Euro standard features like optimal and consistent glue-spreading, heat bonding and pneumatic edge-cutting.


Salient Features:

  • Pneumatic cutting device for pre-defined length, with foot switch
  • Electronic digital millimeter counter to adjust the length
  • Double glue rollers in gluing device
  • Easy regulation for two speed
  • Revolving edge coil holder plate 525 mm Ø
  • Electronic digital temperature controller with safety circuit, which allows to start the motor only when the hot glue has reached the set temperature
  • Working M.S. table with specially designed hylum strips for heat insulation & frictionless movement of work piece

Model # : – (Auto) Edge Bander *New

j-5500prcSalient Features:

  • Sturdy built heavy-duty machine to suit Indian working condition for precise application of edge banding material.
  • Edging wooden strip up to 12mm
  • Robust feed chain & conveyor system with German gearbox (with long life synthetics lubricant) for effective pressure on panels.
  • Pre-heating at infeed fence, to remove moisture from panel.
  • Pre-milling unit smooth the panel for achieving perfect joint line of the edge.
  • High performance machine with feeding speed 14 m/min gives more production for PVC/ABS & 7 m/min for wooden strip
  • Innovative pre-melting sensor operated glue tank having glue drop system, which consumes less than 50% glue, compare to other Edge banders, which results to increase in profits.
  • No setting required to change thin to thick PVC edge band
  • Very easy to change over from PVC to wooden.
  • Three edge banding pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders & gas spring, gives adequate pressure on edge for effective banding.
  • High frequency compact motors sliding on prismatic guide ways for perfect finishing with trouble free performance.
  • Grooving unit to make groove on lower panel surface.
  • Easy accessible, user-friendly Smart Touch PLC control panel positioned at machine in feed, for quick operations.
  • All electronic & pneumatic parts are from well-known international brands.
  • Very easy to operate & nominal setting required during operation.
  • Low maintenance m/c, easy available cost effective spares, best service support.

Model # – (Semi-Auto) Triple Head Multi Boring Machine 


Semi automatic boring machine equipped with 1 horozontal and 2 rotating vertical boring heads (0-900) with 21 spindles for executing holes in a line for the wardrobe side processing


The two vertical heads can slide away from each other depending on the center distance required between them. They also rotate by 90° giving more location positioning. Digital counter for adjusting boring depth


The aluminum fence has 4 reference stops that slide on support rollers for smooth positioning. This makes it easy to feed long work piece.


Boring depth adjustment can be easy & quick setting of horizontal boring head.

Auxiliary support frame gives better solution for long panels.


* Note: Models are available in single head & double head also

Model # : J-120T1 – Single Layer Hydraulic Hot Press -Quickest way to uniform thermal pressing, by design! *Up Graded

j-120t1-hot-pressApplication & Salient Features:

Suitable for pressing & laminating on fiber boards, decorative papers, plywood & other lamination sheets. Can be used for particle / MDF / HDF board

  • Rigid construction to take care of thermal distortion.
  • Platens designed to have uniform temperature distribution system throughout its surface
  • Manual & semi-automatic controls
  • Specially design high temperature oil pump for circulating the heating fluid in to platens. Pump gives steady function; endure heat temperature, low noise and long working cycles.
  • Pressure controller with indicator
  • Graphical & tabular pressure charts
  • With emergency stop controls


Heavy duty free floating 6 cylinders to take care of alignment and for lifting solid steel platen for uniform pressing of work piece. Steel platen not only can avoid the platen broken easily, but also it can very easy to clear the glue which adhibit on the steel platen.

Model # J-1325VT – CNC Router : “A higher quality CNC model, that allows you greater workability with ergonomically designed control panel”


For engraving & designing of flush doors & kitchen shutters. Make your industry high-tech at an affordable cost; thanks to heavy ball screw drive with high accuracy. Cast steel structure makes our routers more stable and auto lubrication makes maintenance much easier.


Tool holding guide system: A precision system to carry the CNC design commands. This Auto-Sliding guide system allows great design of flexibility.


Control System: A convenient, separate control panel box allows flexibility and efficiency in machine operating. Digital Signal Processing is applied here as the controlling system.


Precision vacuum working table:  For fixing and sure clamping of the workpiece, to ensure steadiness during the entire routing operations


* Also available:

  • CNC routers with higher capacity spindle
  • J-1535 & J-2030 CNC Routers

Model #  – Spindle Moulder with sliding & tilting facility *Up Graded

j-3400-inIt is used to give form to the edges of materials such as chipboard, MDF panels or boards. Mainly required for preparing moulding & making profiles like bull nose, duck nose, half round for post forming.


Salient Features:

  • A side ripfence of aluminum, which is adjustable.
  • Clamping for tenoning work.
  • Ground & electronically balanced spindle for vibration free operation.
  • Easy and convenient system for locking of spindle shaft.
  • Spindle driven by motors through V – belts and are housed in sealed bearings; thus ensuring minimum maintenance.
  • 3 – Spindle speeds 5000 / 7000 / 9000 RPM for selection depending on tool diameter.
  • It is advised that 9000 RPM speed be utilized for routing work only.
  • Dust chute is provided on fence assembly for dust evacuation.


Auto feeder: (optional) For auto feeding of work piece. It can be also fixed on Wudpro-Max series Tilting Arbour Spindle Moulder S-n-T. It can be bought any time separately. For auto feeding of workpiece with safety Improves production, reduce cost and better finishing with accuracy.

Model # J-50- Hydraulic Cold Press Panel – Board strength & durability, as never seen before!

j-50t-cold-pressSuitable for pressing various types of laminations on composite wood, corkboard, ply, mdf, fiber board, honey comb board. Used for various applications for furniture’s & board lamination industries; mainly used to press various glued wood parts in usual temperature.


Salient Features:

  • Machine has characteristics as good splicing effect & fast high efficiency.
  • Manual & semi automatic controls
  • Rigid construction
  • Emergency stop switches. Limit Switch for use to limit the pressing workpiece
  • Motor overload relay


Platen designed to take heavy compression loads. Pressing platen is synchronized geared bar for smooth up-down movement with eccentric rollers.

Model # – Vacuum Membrane Press : Vacuum abnormity wrapping technology *Up Graded

j-1250Most suitable for flush door and shutter manufacturers used for applying a uniform lamination of PVC, decorative papers and veneer till 0.4mm on top surface and borders on flat & designed work piece having smooth shape. It gives highest quality performance and finish with high production output. High performing single & double trolley models also available i.e., & . Also available compact machine models

Salient Features:

  • Used for applying a uniform lamination of PVC films, Decorative Papers and Veneer till 0.4mm on top surface & borders on flat and designed work piece having smooth shape.
  • Lamination on one sided Prelam MDF / Particle board.
  • One set of tray minimize with machine for optimal usage of work tray.
  • Silicon membrane offered for veneer application on flat surface only.
  • Heavy-duty 3 hp German Vacuum Pump.
  • Centralized control panel for controls & display with digital temperature controllers & adjustable timers for fully automatic cycle.

jai-wudpro-logoIndia’s Largest Selling Solid Wood Working Machinery


j-941Model # J-1941  – Round –End Tenoner *New

Model No J-1941
mm / inch
Max. Width of tenon 100 / 4″
Max. Depth of tenon 70 / 2¾”
Max.Thickness of tenon 25 / 1″
Diameter of cutter 30 / 1³⁄₁₆”
Spindle Speed-RPM 9500
Adjusting angle of work table (Front) 20°
Adjusting angle of work table (Left & Right) ±20°
Motor Power-kw 2.2


Model # : J-4230 – Four Side Moulder


Salient Features:

  • Sturdy built heavy-duty machine to suit Indian working condition for precise application of four side operation in one pass
  • Used for mass production of door frames, window frames, wooden floors etc.
  • Separate motors for each spindle to ensure efficient power transmission
  • All spindles are adjustable & their key devices are positioned on front of the machine for convenience.
  • Powerful drives for the cutter blocks delivers high torque for heavy duty cutting requirements
  • Top feed rollers for easy feeding of work piece with vibration in thickness
  • Bed lubrication to reduce friction & improve feeding of timbers
  • Sealed safety enclose to reduce noise levels, improve extraction and operator safety.
  • Easy accessible user friendly control panel positioned near the machine in-feed for convenient & quick operation

Model # J-1940  – Oscillation Mortiser *New


Model No J-1940
mm / inch
Max. Width of mortise 140 / 5½”
Max. Depth of mortise 90 / 3½”
Table Stroke 80/ 3⅛”
Tilting of table ±20°
Spindle Speed-RPM 9500
Motor Power-kw 2.2




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