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j-2102-inModel # J-2102.in – (Semi-Auto) Double Head Multi Boring Machine


“This machine is useful for horizontal & vertical drilling to the surface or edge of the work piece. Most preferred machinery for the modular furniture industry”


Salient Features:
•   Quick change spindles chucks
•   Strengthened frame to hold boring heads
•   One head assembly tiltable from 0-90 degree
•   Anti-sliding working table
•   Adequate and effective pneumatic clamps
•   Turret wheel to regulate drilling depth
•   Drill feed can be controlled
•   Elegantly designed, electro pneumatic control panel
•   Foot switch for convenient operation of the m/c


Horizontal & Vertical Boring


For vertical boring application. Both heads work parallel vertically


Note: Models are available in single head & triple head also



j-120t1Model #  J-120T1 – Single Layer Hydraulic Hot Press


Quickest way to uniform thermal pressing, by design!


Application & Salient Features:
Suitable for pressing & laminating on fiber boards, decorative papers, plywood & other lamination sheets. Can be used for particle / MDF / HDF board
•   Rigid construction to take care of thermal distortion.
•   Platens designed to have uniform temperature.
distribution system throughout its surface.
•   Manual & semi-automatic controls.
•   Specially design high temperature oil pump for
circulating the heating fluid in to platens. Pump gives
steady function; endure heat temperature, low noise
and long working cycles.
•   Pressure controller with indicator.
•   Graphical & tabular pressure charts.
•   With emergency stop controls.


Heavy duty free floating 6 cylinders to take care of alignment and for lifting solid steel platen for uniform pressing of work piece. Steel platen not only can avoid the platen broken easily, but also it can very easy to clear the glue which adhibit on the steel platen.


Note: J-120T3 Three Layer Hot Press also available



j-50tModel # J-50T – Cold Press 


Panel Board strength & durability, as never seen before!


Suitable for pressing various types of laminations on composite wood, cork board, ply, mdf, fiber board, honey comb board. Used for various applications for furniture’s & board lamination industries; mainly used to press various glued wood parts in usual temperature.
Salient Features:
•   Machine has characteristics as good splicing effect &
fast high efficiency.
•   Manual & semi automatic controls.
•   Rigid construction.
•   Emergency stop switches. Limit Switch for use to limit
the pressing workpiece.
•   Motor overload relay.


Platen designed to take heavy compression loads. Pressing platen is synchronized geared bar for smooth up-down movement with eccentric rollers.



j-1200-inModel # J-1200.in  – Roller Press


Quickest way to uniform pressing, by design!


It is used to cover laminates on the materials such as chipboard, MDF. NO waiting period like on the cold press machines. No limit to the work piece length. Easy to use. The energy consumed by the machine is less than of normal presses. It is appropriate for mass production as it is a continuous system.
Salient Features:
•   Hard rubber rollers and four heaters elements, that
ensures perfect fix of laminate on board.
•   Motorized up & down movement for thickness
•   Adjusting roller speed and temperature can be
necessary for the best result.
•   In-feed and out-feed wide conveyors for easy handling.



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