Proposed list of machines for making Doors & Windows


Model # +

Panel Saw


Panel Saws are suitable for chip free cutting of the panel board to your required measurement. It cuts all kind of laminated chipboard, MDF, HDF & panels .With top quality sliding carriage for smooth action and lasting accuracy.
Precision engineering, enhanced productivity functional ergonomics & sensible economics!


* New Proline Panel Saws also available: Promatic 3.2 Auto & Pro 3.2



Model # J-1325

CNC Router


A computer-controlled cutting machine used in the production of many different items, such as door carvings, interior and exterior decorations, wood panels, wooden frames, moldings, musical instruments and furniture.
A CNC router typically produces consistent and high-quality work and improves factory productivity. Makes your industry high-tech at an affordable cost. Steel Cast stricture makes our routers more stable and auto lubrication maintains the machine easily with precision vacuum working table.

* A higher quality CNC model, that allows you greater work ability with affordable install and operating cost



Model #

Vacuum Membrane Press


Most suitable for flush-door and shutter manufacturers .Used for applying a uniform lamination of PVC, decorative papers and veneer till 0.4mm on top surface and borders on flat & designed work piece having smooth shape.
Vacuum abnormity technology for Vacuum Lamination with high quality high production



Model # : J-4118

Surface Planer


Planing one side, one face of timber straight and square .An essential machine as the accuracy of your pieces depend on the squareness of your job piece. Machines available in a range of sizes to cater to all workshop needs.
* The best Surfacer with highest features, for the quality conscious. Manual movement of infeed surface table by means of parallelogram system.



Model # : J-4218

Thickness Planer


Trims Solid wood boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length on both surfaces .Work table is adjustable to the cutter head, to control the resultant thickness. Heavy duty machine can work very wide boards and remove large amounts of material in single pass.
* A heavy duty, high precision machine for high production line work specialist. Helicoidally infeed roller & sandblasted steel out feed roller.



Model # J-1504(ST)

HDHQ Spindle Moulder with Sliding Table


Heavy Duty High Quality specially designed machine for mass production of solid wood doors & windows frame with sliding table. Up to 10hp 3 ph capacity motor can be fitted (optional) for heavy work.



Model # J-4230

Four Side Moulder


Make molding strips of any conceivable design in a single pass .Width, Thickness & shape done automatically. Excellent quality mass production of décor strips for door & window frames, wooden floors etc.



Model # J-1510 (A)



An advanced design machine for Rebating & Moulding in single operation for door frame production. Gives vertical and horizontal circular saw cuts beside special design cutter workability. The Machine with in-feed & out-feed side supports.



Model # J-1930 / J-1940


j-1930 j-1940

Is the best in its category. With both mortising work possibility of chain and chisel. The Oscillation slot mortiser makes slots and holes for tenons on furniture .Suitable for manufacturing chairs, tables and wood components



Model # : J-1919 / J-1941


j-1919 j-1941

This machine are Joint Makers. Finish and strength of door / window/ shutter frame depends on better tenoning work. Strong vice clamp, easy slide and accurate cuts are the hallmark.
* Round end tenoning machine can produce any type of rounded tenons with any angles or even compound tenons.



Model # : J-1812/ J-1824 /J-1842

Drum Sander


* A high – quality Drum Sander with more & better features sanding to wood surfacing. 2 drums for coarse and fine sanding in one pass with variable speed.



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