China Foma (Group) Co., Ltd. (CFMC) was established in 1979 with business activity covering R&D, manufacturing and marketing of China’s wood-based-panel machinery, mainly meaning PB, MDF, OSB, SSB. In 2007, CFMC joined China National Machinery Industry Corporation which stands at the world’s top 500 fortune companies.


With deployment of processing facilities in its two fully-owned subsidy companies, Sufoma and Zhongfoma, we can produce all the key machines in the wood-based-panel industry, such as Drum Chipper, Strander, Knife-Ring Flaker, Passage Dryer, Refiner, Forming Machine, Continuous Press, Sanding Machine, CTS Line, etc.


china-fomaWith more than 20 years experience in multi-opening press production line, we started the research and experiment in Continuous Press Line in 2007 which represents the technology peak of this industry. Under the close cooperation with our employed experts in Europe, we spent nearly three years to complete the design of Continuous Press. The major topic in the design process is to design the system in more efficient way without any patent trouble in the future. This is not easytask, but we came achievedit with our innovative R&D team both in China and Europe. To test our design, we invested one continuous press MDF line with 9feet in width and capacity of 600cbm/d in China.


Honestly speaking, we made some mistakes in our experimental continuous press line in terms of design, processing, etc. But we learned a lot from the mistakes practically. We did the modification on the built MDF line twice before it reaches the design parameter. This is our stepping-stone project which leads us to where we stand now. We started the marketing of our continuous press production line for the manufacturing of PB/MDF/OSB/SSB from 2013, and till now we got two orders from the market. The first commercial project, which is a 8ft


MDF continuous press production line, was built up in 2015, and now it is running smoothly with daily capacity of 1000cbm. Multi-size boards can be easily achieved from this line. We received the award flag from the customer at the end of 2015. We gain the real trust from this customer. Our second commercial project is now under erectionand is expected to startproduction in August, 2016. Now we have multiple projects under discussion in China and beyond. And two projects are in the finalization stage with high winning chance. We are expecting a prosperous financial year of 2016 and after.


With constant innovation and development of new machines since nearly 30 years in wood-based-panel industry, we are now positioning ourselves as the one-stop supplier for this industry. This outstanding success is only because we design and manufacture all the key machines ourselves -in house so that we can give our customers a better controlled quality products and profound service, so as to achieve customer satisfaction and the escalation of customer experience and know-how.


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