On IndiaWood 2018 Blum’s concept was to show not just only the latest product launches, but also supporting services and assembly devices.


Blum’s Motion Technologies
Whether it’s doors, stay lifts or pull-out systems, Blum’s motion technologies are perfect for every application.

  • With the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system, furniture will open at a single touch.
  • Thanks to soft-close technology BLUMOTION, furniture closes softly and effortlessly no matter how hard you slam fronts, doors or pull-outs or how heavy they are. The soft-close feature is integrated into lift systems, hinges and pull-out systems.
  • TIP-ON BLUMOTION combines the advantages of the TIP-ON mechanical opening support system with the tried and tested BLUMOTION soft-closing.
  • SERVO-DRIVE is Blum’s electrical opening support system which will give the ultimate comfort when it comes to opening and closing furniture.


The much-awaitedTIP-ON BLUMOTIONfor TANDEMBOX, a fantastic combination of the mechanical opening support system TIP-ON and the soft closingfeature BLUMOTION was one of this year’s highlights. Earlier available only in LEGRABOX and MOVENTO, this range was launched keeping in mind that the TANDEMBOX family is still Blum’s most used box system in the Indian market.


TANDEM Runner Hook & Peg variant
Blum also showcased a new variant of the TANDEM runner, the Hook & Peg version. Its unique feature being that it does not require a locking device and gets attached to a drawer via inbuilt pegs. This economic version greatly benefits OEM’s while providing the same functionality and quality of motion.


CLIP top BLUMOTION Hinge in ONYX black
Dark furniture radiates sleek elegance – within and without. Hinges in ONYX black discreetly complement furniture and make it look even more classy. This new series of hinges is now available in India.


ONXY black hinge blends perfectly with dark furniture

Blum’s Free Planning Software DYNAPLAN


Blum’s Free Planning Software DYNAPLAN

Blum’s DYNALOG software gives you different ways of planning cabinets and selecting the right Blum fittings. All the information you need for assembly and ordering is provided by DYNAPLAN.


The software can be downloaded free of cost on Blum’s webpage www.blum.com/in under the Product configurator section, listed as DYNAPLAN cabinet planner.


Assembly Devices and Templates


Universal marking template

Correct and precise installation of fittings plays a crucial role when it comes to achieving the maximumquality of motion in modular furniture.


Blum’s templates and jigs facilitate the assembly of all of Blum’s products. They are a perfect combination of high precision and practical value which is greatly appreciated both in workshops and directly on site.One can optimise the assembly of Blum box systems using practical assembly devices customised to their production requirements. This also applies to smaller production runs. Blum’s assembly devices are easy to operate, user friendly and durable – for enhanced assembly ease.


While working on a special training module, customers could geta hands on experience of assembling hinges, drawers and lift systems by using Blum’s templates and assembly devices.


“Again, the IndiaWood exhibition proved to bean absolutely great platform for us to network and discuss with existing as well as new industrial clients from all over India”, says Martin Herr, Managing Director of Blum India Pvt. Ltd.