homagThe digital future has begun: At LIGNA, HOMAG presented its digital platform for the wood industry. The name: “tapio”.With tapio, thecompanies from this industry can now move into the next stage of Industry 4.0.At the same time, HOMAG has exceeded its trade fair goals – and has had the most successful trade fair for many years.


This is what the wood industry has been waiting for. “tapio” combines digital products for the entire wood industry with thousands of production machines from all manufacturers, different software solutions and a very diverse range of materials and tools in an Iot platform (“Internet of Things”). In short: This digital platform completely covers the wood industry value chain. The foundation for tapio is the close collaboration with major, renowned software partners such as Microsoft and Software AG.


homag01Just one of tapio’s numerous advantages is the mobile status display of machines (worldwide) in real time. The fair visitors were just fascinated and amazed: Anyone who used their smartphones to visit www.tapio.onewebsitewhile at LIGNA was able to track and analyze the current operational performance of individual fair machines and cells live and in real time via WebApp.


Images 1 a, b & c: The digital future has begun: The first tapioproducts were shown live at LIGNA in Hall 14 – for example, presenting the live status of plant systems and alerts and messages from machines.


homag02Overall, LIGNA once again thrilled as an industry leading trade fair and delivered an outstanding performance. This was also confirmed by PekkaPaasivaara (CEO of HOMAG Group):”It was an excellent LIGNA for us.The HOMAG booth was very well attended.The 100-meter-long batch size 1 plant, our InnovationCenter and especially tapio – thedigital platformfor the wood industry – fascinated visitors.And especially our skilled craft and trade area was also very well visited. Internationality has increased and LIGNA has once again presented itself as a world leading trade fair.”