Introducing the best Industry 4.0 solutions and the innovative video-wall system for machine virtualisation

The Stefani “J-shape” edgebanding technology won the top prize at the XIA-XYLEXPO INNOVATION AWARDS in the Panel Machining category

Great success for the SCM Group at the 25th Xylexpo Fair. The Group – invigorated by its growing success and with the most wide-ranging and innovative line of technological solutions for the woodworking industry – won over the crowds of attending professionals with its stunning innovative stand, extending over a 2,600 sq. m. area and displaying its latest new products.

A great success crowned with the top prize at the XIA-XYLEXPO INNOVATION AWARDS in the Panel Machining category, won by the Stefani “J-Shape” edgebanding solution, thanks to its “excellent ability to provide answers to market needs for edgebanding of ergonomic profiles in reduced operation spaces, using polyurethane adhesives with small radii of curvature and thick edges.” Stefani’s J-Shape softforming machines, with their unique glueing solutions for PUR and EVA, offer a wide and yet ever-enlarging range of profiles for the manufacturing of handle-less cabinet doors. J-Shape is the manufacturing solution dominating furniture design.

At Xylepxo, SCM Group presented its “EASY & RESPONSIVE” production solutions for Industry 4.0 scenarios: integrated solutions and modular cell systems which offer intelligent innovations combining sustainable investment with an ability to reconfigure production flows in order to meet consumers’ requests for a wider product variety and greater customisation. Specifically, the Group introduced integrated cell systems, easy to programme and reconfigure and with advanced storage systems that take up little space and consume less material, less energy and less investments; automated cells with rapid set-up times and ever more user-friendly interfaces, even for unskilled personnel. This is a line of solutions that are agile and responsive, ready for changes and able to make “mass customisation” competitive. Among the most popular new products there were the edgebanding unit installed on the Morbidelli Planet P800 machining centre, which allows optimising without compromising the profiling process and the application of edges of the widest variety using the the same programme, and the Accord 50 FX, a 5-axis machining centre, with a fixed worktable and mobile portal, capable of milling and drilling workpieces up to 500 mm tall.

Xylexpo offered SCM an opportunity to confirm its leadership position, not only thanks to its technological solutions but also to its way of presenting these solutions. Indeed, the company introduced an innovative multimedia system designed to revolutionise the display of machines at fairs. The Group used two large video-walls (6×3.4 metres) to present virtual versions of some of its technological solutions. Using 3D animation, filmed at 6K high definition, the machines were reproduced in their real-life dimensions with stunning detail, offering the visitor new interaction possibilities. Tapping an iPad, for example, the visitor could “enter” these machines and follow from up close every single detail of the woodworking process. A groundbreaking industrial innovation that is a huge technological step forward: the possibility of machine virtualisation means, on the one hand, being able to drastically reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of product movement, and, on the other, being able to offer customers a multimedia tool with unlimited potential which in some respects can exceed the actual, real-life, experience.