Industry 4.0 is the future of global manufacturing.  The stage is already being set for those nations that will emerge as the winners from the global crisis, while others will lag behind on the industrial level.

2000m² of exposition space provide an up-close look at integrated installations, equipment for machining both solid wood and regular panels, and new software modules that simplify the task of managing manufacturing processes.  Biesse has set out to prove that anyone can seize the opportunities afforded by the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

“We have taken on the 4.0 Revolution to help our clients, and our “4.0 ready” technology, achieve the efficiency levels that are, more than ever, a fundamental requirement for remaining competitive in an increasingly global market.  We fully believe in this unstoppable industrial process-indeed, so much so that we are dedicated to spreading the culture of automation among all of our customers, even medium-sized and smaller companies, in order to guide them on the path to increased competitiveness,” says Federico Broccoli, Wood/Sales Division Director and Subsidiaries Division Manager.

“Biesse is perfectly in sync with the advantages of this revolution and aims to merge the large-scale figures of the assembly line with personalization and with the value of artisan-ship.  In a world where making personalization and quality available at increasingly lower prices has become the secret to success, factories are going digital: the machines communicate amongst themselves via automation systems and interaction software, and can “imagine” the product, simulate construction and carry out tests before it has even been made” – commented Raphaël Prati, Marketing and Communications Director for Biesse Group.

To achieve these objectives,  Biesse has significantly stepped up investments in: technology, new show rooms, fairs and targeted events, and in developing the best distribution network in the world to offer client’s the best customer experience, in keeping with Think4ward concept.

It is in keeping with these principles that Biesse offers machines and installations that can adapt to client’s past, present and future needs by increasing the amount of information available.

“Our approach to the Internet of Things (IOT), is illustrated by the Machine Knowledge Centre pilot project developed in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft. The project allows for remote control of machines, planning maintenance operations efficiently, and providing operators with advice on how to optimise production and make the most of the machine’s potential” says Paolo Tarchioni, Biesse Group Innovation Director.

The process had already begun with bSuite and bProcess.  It’s an internally developed application software that breaks with tradition and overcomes the current passive approach through which tools control and program production, a product that propels those who choose Biesse into the industry of the future.  The software has become an active player, alongside the machines, and it establishes and guides the production process through each phase, adapting to any situation.

That’s the practical application of our “Think4Ward” concept.

BiesseS.p.A.– Biesse Group is a global leader in the technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic and metal.  It designs, manufactures and distributes machines, integrated systems and software for manufacturers of furniture,door/window frames and components for the construction, ship-building and aerospace industries.  It invests on average 14 million Euro per year in R & D, boasting over 200 registered patents.  It operates through 8 industrial sites, 34 branches and 300 agents and selected dealers, exporting 90% of its production.  Its customers include some of the most prestigious names in Italian and international design.  Founded in Pesaro in 1969, by Giancarlo Selci, the company has been listed on the Stock Exchange (STAR segment) since June 2001. It now counts 3300 employees throughout the world.