It’s a whole new world today, compared to just 12 to 15 years before. Take the case of wood industry. 90% of India worked with just basic wood-working machinery; you had to import machines if you needed any special features or process to execute quality jobs. Also, there was not much awareness about Panel board as the alternative to wood and panel processing machinery was offered in India by a couple of costly foreign brands. Jai Industries entered the panel processing machinery manufacturing around the year 2005. Within a short span Jai-Modula has become the industry leader.


‘JAI’ is a brand trusted by all generations during last 50 years. Panel processing is the new trend today and this new generation of wood-work entrepreneurs have shown their trust in ‘JAI’ by endorsing it’s quality and selecting ‘Jai-Modula’ over those foreign brands.


Modular furniture making, doors-windows-shutters making, interior décor creation and panel-based products manufacturing… everything has become faster, of world-class quality and yet cost effective due to invent and advent of Panel Process Machinery. Jai has been in the forefront, leading this change. Today Modula offers the largest range of machines, widest selection in models and claim the highest number of machines sold! Whether it is Panel Saws, Edge Banders, Multi Borings, Spindle Moulders, Post Form , Roller Press, High-speed & CNC Routers or many other machines ..…


Including the solid woodwork machinery range “WudPro”, along with “Modula” – Jai Industries manufacture a whopping number of total 30,000 machines a year! The overall Jai figure is 500,000 m/cs till now! Jai has introduced high quality solid wood machines ‘Prima series’ under this ‘WudPro’ brand. Company has the biggest manufacturing facilities totaling some 400,000 sq. ft. and one of a kind machine-mall for demo and display, called “Jai PanWood Grand” measuring 25,000 sq. ft.


Actually, nobody gives better selection, as no one manufactures as many machines and models as Jai Industries does. Jai has all the machines you need, in widest range of models to choose from; based on features, functions, quality and cost criteria. Just contact us with your requirement and we can guide you and give you choicest machines in better budget.


Jai follows world standards in machine design and functions. Being the biggest and best company in the field, it has the best engineering talent pool and technology to manufacture world class machines here. Also, it has the long standing experience of working with Italian and Turkish giants in the field of wood work machinery, which helps.
JAI has a brand promise of ‘Value for Money’… meaning, the best quality to cost comparability ratio. No one can match it. Our sales volumes allow us to offer you the best in technology, material and features at the most economical costs. Jai m/cs are made to suit the Indian work environment, thus being economical in operative cost as well.


The company has a dedicated, committed & professionally managed customer care department for after sales support  manned by a big team of engineers ; always ready to serve Jai customers – spread out all over India. Our response time is excellent and satisfaction rankings are high. As these world class m/cs are ‘Made in India’ and JAI being the biggest manufacturer in India, all the spare-parts are readily available all the time.


JAI is the most happening brand, which keeps reinventing itself. Matching the advancement in the field, surpassing it and setting newer benchmarks of quality. A Jai machine buyer will always buy his next machine from Jai… that’s how we have grown from strength to strength, becoming the choice of every generation. Including yours.