With intelligent solutions from entry-level machines for craftsmen to networked, integrated industrial machines, software solutions and IOT platform, Homag will be in its elements in Hall 1.
In the entry level segment we will have on display our entire range of “Made in India” Machines and In the industry segment, we will have on display, both in terms of machine and plant technology, and in Networking – several solutions – 5 Axis CNC, High Speed Edge Banders and Wide Belt Sanders in the CNC, Edge and Surface Segments.
In addition, we are presenting “tapio”, a powerful IoT-platform for the wood processing sector at INDIAWOOD.


Tapio is the digital future within the wood industry – and this future begins now.
• tapio combines sophisticated digital products for the wood industry with thousands of production machines and the highly varied supply of production material and tools in an Internet of things (IoT) platform. In short:
This digital platform covers the wood industry value chain in its entirety.
• tapio pools knowledge from the areas of mechanical engineering, servicing, software and consulting for businesses of all sizes worldwide to make your work easier.
• tapio supports you with uniform solutions for a diverse range of process stages to make business processes faster, more efficient and more reliable than ever before.


Whether machine-based, non-machine-based, business process, production process – nowadays it is more important than ever to harmonise all details and parameters along the value chain.


This means it is essential to coordinate the entire process – from the production phase to the processes and the data streams.

tapio can do this.
Machines on display and description
Venture 113/114/115 processing centers | BMG 110 series
Freestyle technology with 3-, 4- and 5-axis solutions

This series offers high levels of performance and versatility to small and medium-sized car-pentry and joinery companies. The new machine concept is based on compact technology, a reduced installation area and operation directly at the machine. The BMG 110 series includes 3-, 4- and 5-axis solutions for the processing of kitchen, office and solid wood furniture, as well as for the construction of stairs, windows and doors.


• Freely accessible from all sides thanks to bumper safety technology • 3-, 4- and 5-axis solutions ensure flexibility
• Fast and precise thanks to synchronous drive and linear guide system • Innovative powerTouch operating concept
• Convenience package enables operation at the machine


Edge banding machines Ambition 2400: Feed speed 16–25 m/min
For higher performance requirements with and without empty slots


The single-sided Ambition 2400 models offer precise gluing and perfect post-processing of edges. PU and airTec can be used if required. A feed rate of up to 25 m/min enables demand-based productivity for businesses with higher performance requirements. Automation and further functionality can be added on an individual basis for these edge banding machines.


• High level of flexibility – processing of high-gloss, melamine, PVC, nesting workpieces with, for example, hinge holes, solid strips and, in the case of Ambition 2470/2480 machines, veneer (roller)
• Precise workpiece guide – belt-type top pressure unit made from steel • Controlled chip removal – trimming tools with I system
• Intuitive operation – innovative powerTouch control system
• Profile changes can be completed in seconds – patented solution for profile trimming (Ambition 2474/2484) • Trimming quality of the highest standard – profile trimming unit with a linear servo drive (Ambition 2482/2492) • Individual tool configuration with a grooving or belt sanding unit – Ambition 2480/2484/2492


Spray machines Type GSF 100
From manual spray coating to automated finishing equipment
YOUR SOLUTION for surface processing at INDIAWOOD 2018


With our finishing technology, HOMAG is now offering a new product range for the coating of furniture, interior fittings and stair components


Trends change, often within short periods of time. However, the demand of many end customers for high-quality furniture surfaces remains. As a manufacturer, the best way to meet your customers’ demand for first-class furniture and well-made interior fittings is with spay coated surfaces. Painted workpieces set themselves apart with their excellent properties. Whether you manufacture furniture, kitchen or office furniture, interior fittings, stair components… With the new GSF 100 series of spray machines, HOMAG offers you the appropriate and reliable solution for your high-quality surfaces.


• Space-saving – compact machine, exhaust air unit and switch cabinet integrated in the machine frame
• Efficient – precision parts detection enables exact control of spray guns and therefore optimum paint saving
• Reliable – Monitoring of paper tension, paper breakage and paper winding
• User-friendly and easily accessible – optimal view of the interior due to glazing on all sides


Wide-Belt Sanding Machines SWT 300
Calibration, veneer sanding and paint sanding including high gloss

This series offers an all-round solution for small and medium-sized carpentry and joinery companies. Choose from seven sanding units for a configuration to suit you and fulfil every sanding requirement from calibration to high gloss. Drive outputs of up to 30 kW are available to suit your requirements. This series also features automatic unit locking for safety and convenience.


• Excellent sanding results thanks to acp®, eps® and mps® pressure beam systems
• Easily adjustable thanks to infinitely variable feed speeds (2.5-13 m/min)
• High drive outputs of up to 30 kW
• High level of flexibility thanks to independently driven sanding units
• Simplified handling thanks to automatic workpiece thickness measurement and independent adjustment of the machine
• Constant processing height thanks to movable machine stands
• Prepared slots for retrofitting various brushing and cleaning units