Jai Industries has always been ahead of all its competitors in all aspects… engineering quality, technology, innovation, economy of install, professionalism, new machine launches, service and spares availability, sales network, sales figures… everything! That made JAI a highly respected and highest selling brand in wood-working machinery field. At present Jai Industries manufacture a whopping number of 30,000 machines a year!


It’s a lead of 50 years now – for anyone to beat JAI at its ‘Leadership’ position. During the last decade JAI launched Modula range of Panel Processing machinery and acquired the leadership position soon in that segment as well. Today, Jai Industries with its 7 manufacturing units, is the biggest manufacturer of wood-working machinery (including panel process/modular furniture machinery) in India. JAI has added the 7th Unit recently, the biggest till now; which almost doubled the manufacturing floor size – bringing it to total 400,000 sq.ft.!


This new multi-storey manufacturing facility is specially built for Modula range. It has separate huge floors for simultaneous production of vast range of machines that JAI-Modula offers. The building has 150,000 sq. ft. of machine assembly space (a portion of which can be seen in accompanying photos). JAI now has a truly and fully automated world class facility with latest systems and equipments for material handling, machine shifting, assembly, powder coatingetc for manufacturingquality machines at par with European standards.


World-class machines ‘Made in India’ now means Jai-Modula only… assuring highest quality at most economic install and operate cost, with services and spare-parts easily available on call. The Jai sales network has exclusive ‘PanWoodMachineMalls’ for selling Modula machines in all major cities of India and an unbeatable number of 150 trusted Jai Dealers allover India. Along with the Asia’s biggest machine mall “Jai PanWood Grand” – spread in 25,000 sq. ft. for display & demo of complete JAI range; Jai is an undisputed biggest manufacturer of India.


Your search for the best machine and best deal would bring you to JAI ultimately, why not save time and get in touch with us in the first place?!