Swedish pine in interior decoration
Swedish pine is a wood species that is widely used in furnishing and interior decoration over the world. After planing and polishing Swedish pine displays a velvet-like surface. It is then easily glued into different products and surface treated. The surface of Swedish pine offers endless aesthetic possibilities. It can for example be brushed, sanded or carved to give the wood different textures. Swedish pine also has the advantage of being a light coloured wood species, which can easily be stained in different colours and shades.


Thanks to its high quality, Swedish pine is a material that is very well suited for both handicraft and industrial production of products like furniture, doors and windows. The Swedish sawmill companies can deliver wood adapted to the needs of the industry: wood with a consistent quality, precise dimensions and a low moisture content.
Another common use for Swedish pine is for wall panelling, floorboards and moldings. These products can be produced in a wide range of profiles and finishes, to suit all décor styles.


The procurement of Swedish timber
Sweden has a great number of sawmilling companies, of which many have a long experience of exporting timber to different continents world-wide. Nine of the biggest Swedish sawmill companies will be present in Swedish Wood’s booth at India Wood on March 8-12th, 2018 in Bangalore, ready to show you the Swedish wood species and answer your questions. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about Swedish timber- a versatile, modern and sustainable material.


The Swedish wood industry
With 70 percent of its land covered in forest, Sweden is the third largest exporter of sawn timber in the world. Swedish sawn timber consists mainly of two conifer species: pine (Pinussylvestris) and spruce (Piceaabies). Swedish pine is mainly used for furniture, interior décor and for outdoor decking, whereas Swedish spruce is mainly used as a construction material. The Swedish sawmill industry has a long experience of global exports and Sweden’s geographical location with its own coastline, makes it possible to reliably deliver wood anywhere in the world.
Further information about wood properties, wood products, the Swedish sawmills and sustainable forestry and much more can be found at www.swedishwood.com.