Winsol Energy Systems is a leading global brand of manufacturing and exporting wide range of Wood
Seasoning equipments and plants since 1985. Through considerable ‘Research and Development’ drills,
We have developed Timber Impregnation Plants and Timber Seasoning Kilns with state of the art mechanisms.  We offer customized range on various parameters such as material of construction. The Oxygen transfer efficiency, media migration capability and speed is designed as per clients’ needs.


At WES, we have determinedly established highly equipped and eco-friendly infrastructural facilities to cope up with our aim to create machineries with unmatchable identity.  Our manufacturing unit conceives the most advanced machines such as container, lathe, cutting & material handling machines.


We are an ISO certified company, manufacturing wood treatment plants and machines for decades.  We are also registered with DUNS- the mark that makes us different in the Field.