Ornare presents HD Lux-High Definition Lacquered Panels ideal for several interior design applications. Inspired by European modern furniture and cabinetry design, you can now capture the opportunity to reflect the same thoughtful, sleek interior design within residential & commercial applications. More glossy, more stronger, more affordable, HD Lux Panels are produced using environment friendly E I grade MDF panels, Acrylic Lacquer coatings are applied on to the panels utilizing a patented base primer coating providing a highly abrasion resistant finish. The brilliant degree of gloss is > 91 gloss. The 7 step coating process provides a highly protective film offering HD Lux a high level of scoring resistance.


Remaining a step further of contemporary architectural trends, we offer an unparalleled selection of durable, stunning finishes rich in color & depth in a wide color palette for true craftsmen. Appreciating the hues of nature to encouraging solids, our selection of brilliant solid colors, exotic metallic and subtle stone patterns provides an opportunity for designers to create for designers to create artistic statements pieces, whose value lies in brightening useful interior spaces & furnishings with life and character.