Kumar Engineering Company is an high tech innovative organization with a sound record of successful executions in Revamping, Capacity Upgrading and multi modification in Wide Belt Sanding Machine of Word’s best Brands. During two decades of dedicated experience, we have designed a Wide Belt Sander with a deep consideration of the requirements of India plywood Industries. The Concept of indigenous development was based on crossing over all maintenance hurdles, perfect shining and glaze on sanded surface, relief from sanding off due to thickness variation and to achieve ultimate and true sanding results.


The design of machine has a high consideration on easy access to every maintenance zone of the machine. The helps to being the down time to the lowest level. Every component is designed on calculative engineering with highest safety factor and finally we get best efficiency on lowest running cost. The wide Belt Sanding Machine with successful results has been made possible within our Country because of our dedicated team of Engineers. An interlinked service network proves our sincerity on best customer care with high priority to ensure errorless operation.