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‘We see Gabon SEZ becoming the biggest Wood Panel Production Hub of Africa by 2025’

The West Central African country of Gabon is a fascinating success story of turning a forest land into a business-friendly haven. Thanks to GSEZ, a public private partnership (PPP) project that changed the entire landscape by developing the Nkok Special Economic Zone. The GSEZ succeeded in attracting over 155 investors […]

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An Enterprise of Trust, Quality and Commitment at Gabon SEZ [Sustainable Wood Working Hub & Investors’ Paradise]


Gabon SEZ has emerged as the West Central Africa’s timber processing and manufacturing hub. This SEZ has around 114 industrial customers from 18 countries which includes around 40 investors from India.



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An integrated wood working industrial ecosystem with world class infrastructure

Republic of Gabon has embarked on a journey to provide amenable ecosystem and infrastructure to facilitate the secondary and tertiary processing of timber within Gabon after banning of exports of raw timber in 2010. In the same pursuit, Republic of Gabon […]

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Gabon Special Economic Zone [GSEZ]… a wood working paradise at timber source

… a wood working paradise at timber source


Gabon Special Economic Zone SA, a joint venture between Republic of Gabon, Olam International – Singapore and Africa Finance Corporation, has developed a timber focused multiproduct SEZ with an investment of about USD 400 Million in Gabon (West Central Africa). Spread over an […]

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GABON FOREST … Sustainably Managed Resource

Boasting the second highest forestry potential in Africa, Gabon’s forests covers 22.8 million hectares, i.e. 88% of the country’s land surface. There are three major forest types: evergreen rainforest in the west characterised by abundance of Okoumé & Ozigo, the central Gabonese forest covering most of the country with abundance […]

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GABON… The land of opportunities

Gabon is a picturesque and natural resources rich country in West Central Africa. A privileged geographical location on the edge of the Congo Basin and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west, it shares the Northern Boundary with Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and the Eastern and Southern boundary with […]

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Manufacturing of Modular Furniture on Industrial Scale

A Guide for Furniture Manufacturer


When it comes to produce modular furniture for a large size project then the main worry is the quality and the productivity. Most of the modular furnituremanufacturers are making Modular furniture with the help of basic machinery orwith  entry-level machines. For making the furniture on larger […]

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Making of Modular Furniture on Small Scale

A practical Guide for Small Scale Furniture Manufacturer and Interior Designers


When it comes to produce modular furniture for a medium size project then the main worry is the quality, sturdiness and the delivery schedule. Most of the Interior design firms are making Modular furniture as per customer designs and they […]

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Making of Modular Furniture on Nano Scale – A practical Guide for Interior Designers

Many of the Interior design firms are making Modular furniture as per their designs and they are always in lookout how they can make it fast, uniform and good finish with low investment. They do not want to invest more as they are not mass producers but their requirements are […]