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From interactive design journey to individualized product

It is a fast-moving world that we live in. A world of rapid digitalization and globalization. Among its many effects and manifestations, this increased pace of life is changing the way consumers behave, with products and services becoming increasingly personalized and individualized as people […]

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Venjakob Maschinenbau: From 0 to 100 with the Champion

Is this year’s Ligna motto of Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, the system specialist for complete coating installations from Rheda-Wiedenbrueck/Germany.


Just like one of the well-coordinated teams at the 24 Hours Le Mans, Venjakob wants to encourage the visitors of the Ligna to “put the pedal to the metal” with […]

  • Panel Dividing modul

HOMAG panel dividing technology at LIGNA 2017

Intelligent solutions for all cutting applications


The future of panel dividing begins at the LIGNA trade fair in Hanover from May 22 to 26. The innovative solutions are being demonstrated live every day in HOMAG City in Halls 14 and 13. The aim is to make it easier for the operator […]

  • fevicol-membrane

Fevicol Membrane Adhesive Lc

Fevicol Membrane Press adhesive LC is a water based adhesive specially designed for application in PVC moulded doors. Its unique formulation ensures high green tack resulting in strong bond strength on difficult substrates. The product does not release any harmful emission and is safe for users with no adverse effect […]

  • cover-story-may2017

EXPERT ADVICE for – Every day Problems on factory floor

It has been observed that most of the furniture factories in India/ Gulf face the similar problems every day. These are – wrong work done, Profiling defects, faulty  colour matching, mismatched  sizes, delayed deliveries etc to name a few. A Lot of energy is wasted in this unproductive work that […]

  • mirca-sander

MIRKA – Coated abrasives

KWH MIRKA LTD. is part of the KWH Group and the biggest manufacture of coated abrasives in Scandinavia. Through its innovative research and development program, Mirka has become a specialist in flexible abrasives, as well as revolutionary, patented abrasives, which allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process.  […]

  • wide-belt-sanding-machine

Kumar Engineering Co. – Wide Belt Sanding Machine

Kumar Engineering Company is an high tech innovative organization with a sound record of successful executions in Revamping, Capacity Upgrading and multi modification in Wide Belt Sanding Machine of Word’s best Brands. During two decades of dedicated experience, we have designed a Wide Belt Sander with a deep consideration of […]

  • high-gloss-acralic-panel-furniture

ORNARE – High Definition Acrylic Lacquered Panels

Ornare presents HD Lux-High Definition Lacquered Panels ideal for several interior design applications. Inspired by European modern furniture and cabinetry design, you can now capture the opportunity to reflect the same thoughtful, sleek interior design within residential & commercial applications. More glossy, more stronger, more affordable, HD Lux Panels are […]

  • timber-dryingh-kiln


Winsol Energy Systems is a leading global brand of manufacturing and exporting wide range of Wood
Seasoning equipments and plants since 1985. Through considerable ‘Research and Development’ drills,
We have developed Timber Impregnation Plants and Timber Seasoning Kilns with state of the art mechanisms.  We offer customized range on various parameters such […]

  • pu-coatings

KAYALAR IMYA – PU Wood Coating

Kayalar Kimya is Europe’s Leading Paint & Varnish Manufacturer besides Wood Coatings. Its Investments in advanced high technology Extensive Product range and its modern Production techniques guarantee its Competitive superiority over its competitors.

Kayalar Kimya has proved its Continued success through consistent growth. The company has sales of 100,000 tons per […]