Celebrating an eventful journey of Modern Woodwork, Indiawood, Delhiwood, Mumbaiwood and the Indian Woodworking Industry


editorialPublished since 1999, Modern Woodwork magazine is looking forward to celebrate 20 years of the publication in May 2019. Readers must be aware that 1999 was the year when the first edition of Indiawood took place. Since then, it is an incredible journey together for Modern Woodwork and the Indian woodworking industry. The very first Indiawood edition had a mere 103 exhibitors; while the first issue of Modern Woodwork had a print-run of 1,000 copies. The latest edition of Indiawood (2018) reported a massive 850 exhibitors and 12 country pavilions. Within the last 19 years, Modern Woodwork also rose to a figure of over 20,000 copies per issue making it the largest circulating trade magazine for this sector in India. This great leap is the outcome of a sea-change in attitude culminated over the years which led to the modernisation of the entire Indian woodworking industry. And Modern Woodwork is proud to be an active contributor to this.


We, at Modern Woodwork India, have witnessed this transformation unfolding in last 20 years, albeit, step by step. Indian Industry was a sleeping giant in 1999. We have seen machinery salesmen struggling to sell a basic machinery setup in 1999. The same furniture factories which were reluctant to buy a single modern panel saw are today opting not less than a CNC machine and young interior designers are vying with each other to set up state-of-the-art furniture making units. Way back in 1999, Indian interior designers were not that aware of global trends in raw materials. Today, we boast of MDF-making plants in India and the widespread use of MDF and other modern materials have become the order of the day.


Modern Woodwork India has correspondingly contributed by publishing about modern woodworking practices in each and every issue. Spreading awareness about modern technology has remained our motto. Just when the print magazines are shrinking their print sizes, Modern Woodwork has maintained a high print run and that is why we have succeeded in reaching the remotest corners of India. Our Gulf Edition has also achieved the status of the Pioneer Wood Technology Publication in Gulf countries. We would like to attribute our success to readers, advertisers, associates and well-wishers.


Current Issue: One of the main factors behind the emergence of International Fair Platforms in India namely Indiawood, Delhiwood, Mumbaiwood, has been the relentless support of Eumabois and Acimall. They believed in the potential of the Indian woodworking industry even if ground reality at that time was not very encouraging. On this backdrop, we have presented the interview conversation with Mr. Jürgen Köppel, President, Eumabois and CEO, Leitz Group. Coupled with Voice of Leaders, News Updates and Show Previews of Global Fairs, the issue has come out as a Collectors’ Edition. We are sure you will enjoy reading as much as we have enjoyed making it for you.


logo-mwMaking trade reading more exciting

Modern Woodwork introduces new logo and new page designs. With a focus on making trade reading refreshing, we reimagined the entire magazine with a new outlook. A unique three-and-a-half-column format makes the pages look more consistent and dynamic with additional elements for readers and scanners. The design change was an intellectual exercise, involving research and discipline. We would like to assure all our readers and advertisers that there is more to come from Modern Woodwork as it turns 20. – – Editor